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Possible to search from search results page displayed using $$SearchTemplateDefault?
~Joan Nimnuvitchoden 01/21/2004 03:59 PM
Applications Development All Releases Windows XP

My website has a search field that returns the search results using the $$SearchTemplateResults form. Next to the search field is an image that calls a JavaScript function to perfom the search from the "onClick" event. The JS function accepts the text to search for as a parameter. The search works properly when performed on most pages of the website.

The only place the search fails is when I attempt a search from the search results page. When I attempt this, I get a "No Documents Found for query "undefined"" message. In debugging the JavaScript, the parameter passed to the JS function is "undefined". All fields on this form come back "undefined" when I try to pass them to this function.

I'm wondering if this is because the $$SearchTemplateDefault form is always "read-only". Can someone verify this? And if this is the case, is there a way to do a search from this form?



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